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  • Mascotte Blackjack Deluxe  v.1.0With simple arcade rules, a gallery suitable to all ages, lots of tables, more than twenty opponents and a soft jazz soundtrack, Mascotte Blackjack Deluxe is an ideal choice for 'coffee-breaks', simply the most advanced 3D card game on the market.
  • Arcade nostalagia revisited  v.1.0Nostalagia from old type arcade game like missile command, cyber tank, etc. brought me to make this very simple game, rules are easy, kill enemy and go as far as possible in levels...with today technology, mouse input, 3d graphs and sound, etc.
  • RETRO 4  v.1.0This is a very simple arcade game with minimalistic graphics and gameplay, featuring a hypnotizing visual style and relaxing music ...
  • Barbie Super Model  v.1.0Barbie Supermodel is a one or two player game that allows the player to play as Barbie. The main part of the game comprises very simple arcade-style sequences.
  • Be A Tiger Woods  v.3Simple arcade golf game will find its followers among Tiger fans.
  • Antiquity Blackjack  v.2.2When you open the Antiquity Blackjack you appear in the Stone Age. Try your fortune as you have everything to do it: a game space with an interesting topic, excellent graphics, simple game rules and humorous group of Stone Age characters!
  • Future Pool  v.1.02Future Pool is a new dynamic video pool game. Played on a futuristic circular table without pockets, the aim of the game is to pot the balls of your colour by pushing them to the edge of the table. The simple game rules are like classic 8-ball pool.
  • Raklem:War on Earth  v.1.20Raklem is a simple arcade style shoting game with only one objective, kill as many enemies as you can to defend your life. While doing that you have the chance to collect points and other bonuses such as, better accuracy, faster reload, increased ...
  • BlackOrbit  v.1.0BlackOrbit is a simple arcade game for Windows. You gover a starship and have to shoot lots of enemys and astroids to get points.The game includes two diffrent kinds of enemys, four powerups and a boss ...
  • Snakefile  v.1.1A Snakefile is an unholy combination of a Makefile and a Python script. Here you have a cross-platform code generation tool with the simple build rules of make, with the power of a full-featured scripting ...
  • Chasing target  v.1.0A simple arcade videogame made with SFML and writtn in C++. The aim is to learn SFML. More details soon.
  • Racers Escape  v.1.0I simple arcade like 2d racing game that allows the user to move around a scrolling map, avoid crashes, and escape police cars(maybe). We will be using SDL for our rendering.
  • Space Cave  v.1.0Space Cave is a simple arcade game. You fly your spaceship through a cave and try to get as far as possible. It is a mobile Java (j2me) adaptation of an old palm game.
  • Velox  v.1.0A simple arcade game for two players. The goal is to push your opponent off the table. Uses Physics2D.Net as physics engine.
  • Automated Trading Platform  v.1.0Home of Automated Trading Platform. Trading Platform that can trade on auto pilot based on some simple defined rules. Am working on architecture and implementation of initial functionality. If interested, watch this space.
  • Untahris Common Playground  v.3.1In the Untahris Common Playground, you can play several classic fun, simple arcade games, including games similar to Tetris, Snake, Tron, Arkanoid, Pong, Thrust, Bomberman, Rampart, Liero.
  • Ron's Renamer  v.2015.03.01.1525Ron’s Renamer renames batches of files, folders and subfolders simultaneously in a quick, safe and easy way by building renaming operations from any of 15 simple renaming rules, including Exif and MP3 tag extraction. Powerful and infinitely flexible.
  • Chock-A-Block  v.1.0.5Chock-A-Block is a fun and addictive puzzle game of organization and logic. The game focuses on sorting, organizing, and forward thinking rather than arcade reactions and agility. Slide shapes into the grid from any side, filling the grid with ...
  • Law(n) and order  v.1.0A simple arcade game written in Python and PyGame ...
  • Nuclear Winter Board  v.0.1This is a racing game with with stick figures ...
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